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Credit Card Surcharge Legal Rulings


Q.Can I add a surcharge to card transactions?

As a result of a legal settlement to resolve claims brought by a group of U.S. merchants, merchants in the U.S. and U.S.territories may add a surcharge to certain credit card transactions, starting January 27, 2013. Merchants who choose tosurcharge must follow consumer disclosure and other requirements agreed to as part of the settlement.
Information provided here is subject to Visa’s final operating regulations relating to surcharging, which will be provided online in early 2013.


Revision Summary

Merchant Operating Regulations R11.1

•Section 2.5, Surcharges and Discounts
New terms permit you to offer discounts at the point-of-sale, as provided in the Dodd-Frank Act.You may offer differential discounts depending on the method of payment (e.g., credit, debit, cash or check), but such discounts may not differentiate based on issuer or payment network.

*Additional Networks available on request

Standard Fee and Discount Schedule

$4.01 to $9.00
$9.01 to $14.00
$14.01 to $19.00
$19.01 to $24.00
$24.01 to $29.00
$29.01 to $34.00
** Full Schedule Available on Request
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“Starting this program I had my reservations about how my customers would respond to a cash discount program. In the first month, processing over 2000 transactions, I only received a handful of questions from customers regarding the new program and did not see any drop in sales.”
-Convenience store owner, Omar K, New York, NY

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